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The Process



Our cardboard, paper and plastic models are produced with simplicity in mind.We take pride in making our miniature objects with ease of assembly and the assignment of unique interlocking system without glue or tape.


We produce individual models based on factual information available. We are not limited to transport; in fact, our abilities can transform any building, product, item or vehicle into miniature perfection.


Our models are known world wide, with clients as far away as Iceland!


What we need from you


Visualising the model.


Please take photos of all sides/angles of the actual model to get maximum reference for details. Allow proper documentation of front view, left/right side views, back view and even top view in varying angles. A technical drawing is also a good supplement to capture near-perfect ratio and proportion.


Assisting elements for creating the artwork.


Gather as much miniature detailed parts to complete the colour scheme. This can include logos, insignias, decals, plate numbers, destination signs, badges, paint strips, among others. Provide PMS codes for colour reference if available, otherwise colour-match elements close to real look. All of these artwork elements forming your model are then assembled in a mechanical layout and fitted in either A4 or A3 paper size, or custom size specific for your intended requirement.




Sample models will be sent to you at the end of the modelling and artwork process for proofing.


One set of proofs for the general artwork and layout.


One set of working prototypes for your review.




Once you are happy with your model and written approval has been given to proceed to print, we will finalise the model artwork and send to print.


Printing options:


We have a large range of printing options available. Dependant on your use, we can arrange for the following print results:


Heavy Paper/Cardboard – for simple models that you want to produce in mass quantities; great for giveaways, kids showbags, promotional events and so on.


Plastic/PVC – if you are looking for a special use on your model or need it to last for years with lots of playability, we can provide your models in plastic, pvc or other long-lasting plastic coated board.


Foam and waterproof printing – If you are looking for an actual flying plane or floating boat, we produce model aircraft and boats that can be used by kids for hours of enjoyment outside in the open or in a swimming pool or the boat.




For most models, please allow in your planning two to four weeks for design and testing, sample models will be sent to you at the end of the process for proofing.


Printing and cutting takes one to two weeks depending on the quantities ordered.




We deliver world-wide. As a general rule, delivery will occur as follows.


Region 1: Australia – 2-3 business days


Region 2: Oceania – up to 5 business days (airfreight)


Region 3: Asia – up to 7 working days (airfreight)


Region 4: USA, Africa, Middle East and Europe – 10–15 working days (dependant on Customs clearances – Airfreight)


Please note: in most countries world-wide, there is no duty payable on imported paper goods including the USA.


We have Sea Freight options – delivery time for the United States is approximately two months.


We also have local print suppliers in the United States and Europe which we will use if timeframes permit.


Computer design


Test printing


Laser diecutting


Sample finished product


Press model out


Fold all creases


Insert tabs into slits provided


Attach any added features


Finished model


Packaged and ready to go


World wide delivery